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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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halloween forecast. this morning, though, it's a bit chilly. the wind has shifted in the last 24 hours, that's bringing our temperatures down. it's a 12-mile-an-hour breeze in philadelphia. so we're seeing 40s and low 50s, pottstown 47, now 46 in millville. south philadelphia is 45. 40s for roxborough and northeast philadelphia. there are some warmer spots right along the river. 52 degrees along the delaware river trail. sunglasses you need those after a chilly morning we'll see the warm-up at 10:00, 51 greps. and northwest winds at 1:00 this afternoon. we'll be at the upper 50s, topping out near 60 degrees this afternoon. some will get there, others in the 50s. we'll go through the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. let's check in with jessica boyington with your first alert friday traffic. >> friday traffic, we have a few problems this morning right around the new jersey turnpike. one out in mansfield township.
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a vehicle fire on the inner roadway northbound south of the p.a. turnpike. the right lane and shoulder is blocked. all of the new jersey turnpike inside of the exit ramp 7 around 206 there's reports of property damage and a toll lane blocked. so watch out for those. over to the vine street expressway these are our cameras above the schuylkill expressway at the entrance where 676 crosses that. so you can still see police activity blocking off some of the lanes, we have the westbound and the eastbound closed between broad and the schuylkill but i checked my cameras on the vine, they are allowing westbound traffic through eastbound lanes have not opened yet. so we'll have a full update on that and when these will be open with that construction clearing when i come back in the next ten minutes. thank you. a man is the in stable condition after he was shot in the neck in philadelphia's brewerytown neighborhood. cameras at 29th and girard as officers gathered evidence.
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the victim told police the shooter wearing a hooded sweatshirt approached him and opened fire. police continue to look for the gunman. happening today a summit aimed at making sure the relationship between teacher and student is by the book. >> matt delucia is live in media this morning. matt, you're going to tell us how leaders are trying to stop potential problems in and out of the classroom. >> reporter: usually the focus is on students issues like bullying or fighting or school shootings. this year the focus is shifting to the teachers and what's going to happen here later on this morning, delaware county d.a.'s office, police, agencies will talk to teachers about what is okay and what is not when it comes to interacting with students, whether it's in the classroom, on the field or on social media. this is of course a big subject matter because this kind of thing has happened before. one recent case involved a now
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former teacher, william barb e was sentenced last month for being involved in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old female student. i spoke with the district attorney yesterday, he says the goal is to make sure that every teacher, administrator and coach in this county is aware that actions have consequences and how to avoid doing something that might be seen as inappropriate. >> it may seem innocent but it may be scrutinized, it may be criticized, and certainly it may be something that we all of a sudden in the district attorney's office is going to have to review because mom or dad or caretaker reports it as an inappropriate text, or inappropriate e-mail. >> reporter: part of the seminar will be focusing on how to show teachers that their text messages, pictures, everything from their phone that is sent t the student, it can be recovered even if they try to delete them. now, the pledge for parents, if you see -- or suspect anything
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fishy is going on let the d.a.'s office know and it will be investigated. live in media, delaware county, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." what you're listening to, teens fight police. this after school brawl in allentown left four officers hurt. now investigators are trying to track down anyone who may have had a hand in the violence. four police officers were injured in this fight, they are now out of the hospital this morning. this cell phone video you're seeing was posted to social media. it happened outside of allen high school, police tell us the officers were responding to a group of up to 200 teenagers fighting in the streets. they tried to break up the fight but sources say the officers quickly became targets and were attacked. at one point a female officer was tackled to the ground and at least one teen began hitting her. take a look.
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>> wow. police tell us they took three students into custody. they hope to use media to identify more of the suspects involved. happening today aqovj subur philadelphia cab driver accused of shooting his boss is expected in koufrmt police say last friday ozzie lou clark shot his boss in the taxi company in north hills. the dispute was over money he felt he was owed. after the shooting police say clark would not let anyone call 911 until someone wrote him a check. he left the scene but did not get far before police caught up with him. his boss is expected to be okay. >> a major scare as children were at football practice in atlantic county last night. a man in the stands was hit by a bullet. police were called to jokers football field around 7:30 last night. at last check we were told the man who was hit is in stable condition this morning.
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police are still looking for the person who fired that shot. 16 cell phone stores have been robbed in philadelphia since july. police are hoping you recognize the people in this surveillance video. officers think the robberies may be connected because they are similar. am an appeals hearing for jerry sandusky thrust someone else in the spotlight. kathleen kane. the judge has given kane one week to provide information she may have about a possible leak in the case. by state prosecutors and a grand jury judge. sandusky's lawyers argue there were leaks and if the grand jury process was not fair, charges against sandusky should be dismissed. he was convicted of 45 counts of child sexual abuse and is currently serving a 30 to 60-year sentence. army crews working to recover a run away military blimp that crashed in north
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central pennsylvania took aim at the crippled aircraft. military crews fired shots at the blimp to deflate it yesterday. the army's air and missile defense command say the crews were able to find all of the specialized radar equipment on board. but officials say it could be weeks before they actually remove the blimp. >> the thing is it's big and we're in really rough terrain. the fact of the matter is it's a v-shaped ravine full of trees with a stream running through it. >> crews have been able to remove the torn off tail section. now investigators are trying to figure out what caused the blimp to break free from its mooring station in maryland. >> and look at this. the linc is all decked out in cherry and white. this is the view from our eagles nest. over the weekend we're calling it the owl's nest. i'm the first one who called it the owl's nest but it was john clark who texted me, calling it the owl's nest. most of philadelphia is consumed
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with owl fever as the undefeated owls taking on the fighting irish tomorrow night. three of the players at notre dame are here from the area including will fuller. he graduated from roman catholic high school in 2013, did not have much interest in attending temple. temple wasn't good then. he was committed to penn state but his love for philly on his sleeve. he also hopes temple can recruit more local talent after its recent success. >> great talent at philadelphia and i guess by all of the good players that come out of philadelphia they don't go to temple so i guess can get some good players to go to temple and start building their brand. >> you think about playing against temple with college game day to tornado watch owls? >> not at all. like i said a dream come true. i would never thought about this
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happening so it's going to be cool. tem spell going to bring it to us. >> you can count on that. temple undefeated. the best part -- they are a beast, the best start in school history ranked 21, in the country, notre dame ranked number 9. college game day at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. kickoff tomorrow night scheduled for 8:00. doesn't surprise me to hear that about john clark. he also loves sports too. he love this is if he were awake. a chilly start, the skies are clear, lots of sunshine, but the temperatures are definitely lower the last couple days and cooler this afternoon thanks to a northwest wind, a little breezy at times, you can see the flag blowing to the side there. that is going to bring cooler arks but also keep us in dry air. so we're looking at a treat for halloween with clear skies.
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we're starting out at 46 in doylestown and millville also at 46 degrees. down to 52 at philadelphia international and falling. yes, this wind will be with us through the day. the winds will be up to 15 miles an hour, that flag is on top of a building where the winds tend to be stronger. the northwest breeze will be felt on the ground too that will keep us cooler and a little bit gusty at times. the winds are gusting to 24 miles an hour. the pocono mountains, pottstown a wind gust of 22 miles an hour. dry, the radar screen no sign of clouds, so no sign of showers for us. you can see showers in western new york. but it is the wet weather in texas that could be here for part of the weekend. i think halloween will be fine. and during the day today, neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, calling for 50s for bethlehem, morgantown, bright sunny skies at 60 for bordentown and new hope. king of prussia 58, low 60s for
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millville, milford and ventnor city with nothing but sunshine at the shore. sunshine for malvern and woods town all in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees this afternoon. look at the weekend forecast, then the trick-or-treat forecast when i come back in ten minutes. >> we'll see you then. talking about the temple game. i think mass transit is going to be a big deal because the game is sold out. let's not worry about tomorrow. we're talking about this morning right now. >> i would venture to say mass transit is looking pretty good. >> pretty good. small delays for septa but not anything too much. we have a 10-minute delay for the airport train 199 but no problems this morning so far. we're going to head over to new jersey now, 295 around the black horse pike, moving along, active work zone, all of the lane restrictions but everybody moving along great. 13 minutes southbound from 38 to the point at the black horse pike.
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the average speed it says 66 so somebody going fast there. watch out, manfield township there is a vehicle fire on the new jersey turnpike on the inner road northbound south of the p.a. turnpike, the right lane and right-hand shoulder are blocked. another check on traffic when i come back. katy. tense moments on a plane moments before take-off. next, fire on the runway. we'll hear from passengers about what went through their minds when they saw the smoke. and breaking overnight, done deal. while you were sleeping lawmakers in washington passed a spending plan. we'll break down the budget deal for you aimed at avoiding a government shutdown.
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>> this morning ft. lauderdale's airport is back open after a plane caught fire before takeoff. passengers on board another flight recorded this video. from above you can see the plane surrounded by foam. an engine caught fire while the dynamic international airways flight was getting set to take off. one passenger was seriously burned. about a dozen others have minor injuries after they slid down the chute during the evacuation. >> what goes through your mind is i mean, is this going to consume or not. >> federal investigators say they are not sure what sparked the fire. >> we have breaking news. the senate approve add two-year
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budget and debt deal that averts a national default, that bill is on the way to president obama at the white house. senators worked into the wee hours this morning and shortly after 3:00 a.m. a couple hours ago they voted to approve the bill. the house passed it on wednesday. president obama negotiated the bipartisan deal with top congressional leaders. it sets the budget through march of 2017 and averts a threatened government shutdown. the house of representatives has a new speaker. yesterday lawmakers officially approved congressman paul ryan, wisconsin congressman takes over for john boehner. ryan said he hopes to unify a sometimes fractured republican party. >> i'm not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> ryan was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 election. he was first elected in 1998 when he was just 28. now at 45 he is the youngest
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speaker in nearly 150 years. >> now to decision 2016. there are calls for new jersey governor chris christie to drop out of the race for president after wednesday night's debate. here is one exchange christie had with john harwood. >> i laid out in government -- no, john. john, you want me to answer or do you want to answer? how are we going to do this? because i got to tell you the truth. even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. >> yesterday "the new york times" editorial board called for christie to drop out of the race. the headline said governor christie time to go home. it said new jersey is in trouble and his presidential run is nothing more than a vanity project. in response christie tweeted, can't read the article because i don't have a subscription but i can tell you i am not going anywhere. >> on the democratic side, vice
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president joe biden may not be making a run for his party's nomination but still exercising influence on the race. aides say biden met with bernie sanders yesterday. the meeting took place at vice president biden's residence. the two men talked for about an hour. biden reportedly spoke with hillary clinton by phone last week. new partnerships will expand the hotel space and attractions available to delegates to the 2016 national convention in philadelphia. the dnc committee joined with philadelphia convention and visitors bureau and the valley forge tourism board to tap into more options. more than 35,000 are expected for the convention next year. all right. that's going to be an exciting time. a lot going on in the city. mass transit will probably be owe veer loaded. that's my prediction. >> probably a lot of traffic but we're not worried about let's see, that's next july. >> right now. >> here and now.
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>> right now i have good news. the vine street expressway back open to traffic this morning. right around 24th street where we're looking on our cameras on the vine you can see westbound traffic in here moving to the schuylkill expressway ahead of the 30th street station. the eastbound lanes opened late but now you can see 95 this morning, no problem all lanes are open. on the schuylkill expressway, we'll do a fly down there. right through the conshohocken curve, all green, no increase in drive times yet. it's a little early but no problems or incidents there either. eastbound the blue route to the vine street expressway is a 12 minute trip. new jersey and bordentown, watch out a few things going on there. inside of exit 7 so off of the off ramp around 206, watch out for an accident where there are reports of property damage and one toll lane being blocked in the area. if you're heading out this evening, we'll give you a heads up. might be stadium traffic. doors open at 6:00 p.m.
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20 minutes after 5:00. a cooler morning and sunny day today. we'll see the temperatures climb to 60 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. nowhere near the 70s we had yesterday. nice dry view, a quiet view of boathouse row. the wind is blowing, and we are seeing some gusts, too, of more than 20 miles an hour. the temperature has dropped 2 degrees in the last hour in philadelphia. now 52. and the numbers will continue to fall. most of the area is in the 40s. but everybody's going to enjoy sunshine, a nice clear view the across the delaware, no sign of fog this morning. even though we're seeing cooler temperatures the air is dry. 46 in doylestown, wilmington is 48 degrees. in pennsauken now 49, audubon 49, haddonfield in the low 50s and at 50 for glendora and voorhe voorhees. you need a jacket, also
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sunglasses. most of the area a few clouds at the shore, but those will not produce rain for us. different story with these clouds, the west, they could produce rain and may arrive over the weekend. heavy downpours in texas, by the time it gets to us looks like light rainfall. over the next 24-36 hours these showers stay to our west. this is 6:00 saturday morning, see the midwest betting rain, we'll be dry. cold to start with in our area saturday morning. clouds will be increasing on saturday night, just enough to make it spooky for halloween trick-or-treaters. the showers stay way to the west. it's late on sunday that we'll see the wet weather or at least a chance of wet weather in the area. that's 10:00 sunday evening. so a long way to go before you need the umbrella. nothing too scary about the halloween forecast. 50s for halloween trick-or-treaters at 6:00 and 8:00 for the late trick-or-treaters drops into the upper 40s. for today, the temperatures climb, upper 50s to low 60s this
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afternoon. it will be breezy during the day today. but the wind dies down tonight so tomorrow morning 37 degrees to start with, 58 degrees in the afternoon. for trick-or-treaters, for the temple owl game, temperatures in the 50s. and then sunshine, bright and a good day for a walk at citizens bank park to defeat als. sunday a slight chance of a late day or evening shower. better chance of scattered showers to the south on monday. and then a big warm-up for tuesday, wednesday and thursday, we're back in the 70s. >> thank you, bill. pretty soon trick-or-treaters will knock at your door. you may be more scared of the price of candy. and next we'll explain why consumers could get a sugary surprise at the store ahead of halloween. later, wedding brawl aftermath. what happened in a court for the best man who is accused of assaulting a police officer.
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>> welcome back. still planning on getting those treats for the ghosts and gools who will visit your house? you might get a fright in the candy aisle. landon dowdy is here with this morning's cnbc business news. >> hi, katy. good friday morning. if you are stocking up on candy for trick or treerts you're in for a scare. candy prices this month are expected to jump 4% compared to last year's halloween according to ihs global insight. the culprit rising prices for raw sugar, refined sugar beats and u.s. cocoa powder which has pushed up prices for candy and
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chewing gum. prices have creeped up to the highest in four years with an overall spending on halloween up slightly about $18 per house hold according to the data. and moving on to the markets, investors will likely wind down on the final trading day of october which is on track to be the best month for stocks in four years. look for data on personal income, consumer spending and consumer sentiment all out this morning and earnings from exxon-mobil, colgate and cvs. the markets calmer day of trading after fed day ending with small losses. the down, 17755, the nasdaq 21 points lower to 5074. back over to you. >> thanks for that. enjoy your halloween. a cooler morning, skies are clear, you'll need your sunglasses today. bright sunshine now. 51 degrees and still falling at 5:26. weather's looking good. how about the traffic?
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jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. bill, we're doing great so far on this friday morning. right around route 100 looking live at 113, some road work in the area and lane restrictions, but not a lot of vehicles heading through. we're great there. otherwise i'll have more for you to come when i come back at 5:30. i'm monique braxton live along independence mall. a preview for you after the break.
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wedding fight fallout. this chaotic scene landed the best man in court for assaulting a police officer. we'll break down the case three years in the making. stepping into the national spotlight. the temple owls getting ready for arguably the biggest game in their program's history. what you need to know about the battle with notre dame right here at the linc. >> plus, we're off to a cool start but things are expected to warm up for a nice fall friday and into the weekend. we'll go around the region and show you what you can expect for your halloween. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. >> i'm vai sikahema. happy friday. and it will be a happy friday if bill gives us the right forecast. >> i think katy's happy


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